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Celebrating 50 Years 1967-2017

guineaThe Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) are an apostolic congregation of priests and brothers who believe that nothing is more important than the transforming power of God’s Love.

What is the History of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart?

In 1854, a French parish priest, Jules Chevalier, gathered a tiny group of like-minded priests and formed the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart congregation under the protection of Mary, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Their concern was global, but they began with efforts to restore the vitality of the faith in rural France.  On September 1, 1881, the first MSC missionaries left for Papua New Guinea.  This marked the fulfillment of a desire that our Founder already had as a seminarian.

What is the Spirit of the MSC?

The spirit of the MSC is shaped by a common desire to share the compassionate and healing love of God so that we as a Church might better carry the Good News of his mercy to people everywhere.

What is the scope of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart?

Today, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart have over 2000 priests and brothers serving ministries in fifty-three countries of the world. This world wide society is divided into religious provinces, each in charge of “mission areas” in the United States, Europe and third-world developing countries. A General Council in Rome, Italy, under the administration of a Superior General is responsible for the executive decisions governing all provinces.  Each province, 22 world-wide, has a Provincial Superior and Council that assumes responsibility for all the MSC communities within their province.

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