Sacred Heart Foundation

Celebrating 50 Years 1967-2017

2017 scholarship

Left to Right: Members of the Scholarship Committee are Fr. Vincent T. Freeh, MSC, Tamasina Sharlow, Steve Elliot, and Patrick Signor


Only One Purpose

The Sacred Heart Foundation exists for one reason and one reason only; to help support the formation of priests for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. It is an important mission. The mission was given to us by Christ when he said “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” While many of us do not personally go out into the world to spread the word of God, helping to make more priests who spread the word throughout the world is another way to contribute to the mission.

Annual Scholarships to Create More Priests
Each year we help support young men who are studying and striving to become MSC priests. I say striving because in most cases their lives are not remotely like ours. Life for most of them is a daily challenge, and yet they have determined that they should answer their call from God to complete the mission.

The Sacred Heart Foundation works to increase its endowment each year  through Membership, Donations, Foundation Cards, the Annual Golf Tournament and the Annual Benefit Dinner so as to provide increasing scholarship funds to young men studying for the priesthood.

  • In 2017, the Foundation awarded $80,000 in scholarships to 85 seminarians studying to be Missionaries of the Sacred Heart  throughout the world.

  • The scholarship recipients are a diverse group of men, from different backgrounds.  By nationality, they represent the Colombia, Brazil, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Korea,  and Africa.

The Scholarship Society
Since its origin in 1967, the Sacred Heart Foundation has granted over 1.7 million dollars in scholarships.  To provide this support, the Sacred Heart Foundation depends on the generosity of its members and other supporters.  Particularly important has been the support of members of the Scholarship Society.  Each member of the Scholarship Society has contributed $15,000 or more to the Sacred Heart Foundation and has thereby endowed an annual scholarship of at least $1,000.  These annual scholarships are named by the donating member of the Scholarship Society.

All Support Appreciated
Any level of contribution to the Sacred Heart Foundation is very much needed and very much appreciated.  All donors to the Sacred Heart Foundation can take important satisfaction in having helped to address the critical worldwide shortage of Catholic priests by helping financially in the creation of new priests.

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